Critique of domestic space (Giudici)
From the book, it discussed about human desire for stability.
It is modulated not only by need of protection but to give a ritual form to life.
The evolution and partition of the domestic space respond to labour, work and political action.

First function follows form and after form follows function.Function is set by political and economical agendas.
The need to own a house and have the means to “decorate” it, create a fictional necessity that supports a set consumer and capitalist agenda.
In the nation-state system, the so-called sacred and inalienable rights of man prove to be completely unprotected at the very moment it is no longer possible to characterize them as rights of the citizens of a state.”

Dormitory labour regime (Ngai + Smith)
In nation states rights are applied to the “citizen” not to the “human”
Once they become stateless or denaturalized they lose all rights (in limbo)
Rights should be applied to the individual and not the collective
The distortion of frontiers as a solution? to “nationality” in Europe
The condition of the refugee as “paradigm of a new historical consciousness”
“The status of the refugee is always considered a temporary condition that should lead either to naturalization or to repatriation. A permanent status of man in himself is inconceivable for the law of the nation-state.”

We refugees (Agamben)
Transnational political economy of production links to a new scale of the economic (zone/extrastate)
Mass production and the space of work-residence are extensively reconfigured for capital accumulation on a global scale.
Advantages of dormitory labour regimes?labour costs are low, the productivity of workers high, and the access to extensive low-cost labour reserves (between state and market.)
Chinese labour regime is intended for short-tenure migrant labour.

All three text discuss about the people who is giving the contribution in society but getting a lower return in term of their quality of living. Due to lack of power, social status, gender or right issue, they don’t have much choice about the type of shelter they can have. But throughout time, their ‘home’ encountering changes and improvement through to be seen and concerned by society.

December 17, 2018

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