Kings Cross is a very successful urban development scheme with a well implemented placemaking solution with a strong identity. It has a healthy combination of historical buildings sitting alongside the more contemporary. There are beautiful public realms in several places like the green steps of Granary Square which face onto the river as it cuts through the old and new zones of Kings Cross. The large public space in front of the library marks a noticeable transition between the noise from the busy Euston Road and the serenity required within the building.  

Mixed urban developments with a variety of different housing for people especially aid to create opportunities of success and feelings of positivity in this place. Beautiful social housing that was designed long ago has been well preserved. 

It is a welcoming place that is good to work, live, eat and shop and simply as a place to meet and wander.

King’s Cross Square, close to where Facebook is seeking office space
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December 17, 2018

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