Panel created by Archigram, about 1970, Museum no. CIRC.472-1974

Archigram created this panel in London during the early 1970s. Sixteen panels were produced as part of its submission to a competition for a new summer casino and club in Monte Carlo. This introductory panel was purchased by the V&A from the Archigram architectural practice in 1974, after the Monte Carlo project fell through in 1973.


Anna Katrine Hougaard (1979*) PhD and architect MAA, is specialized in new developments in architectural drawing. Academic core areas are the different roles of drawing in architecture, architectural diagrammatics and artistic research.


Riet Eckhout, Drawing out Gehry, detail, 2018 – Drawing Matter

‘There is something about the immediacy of drawing at a large size, standing in front of a drawing board that brings the quality and urgency of instant involvement with a subject in view. 

Drawing at a size in relation to your body allows for the drawing not to become object, treasured in hand, at arm’s length. Rather, the direct relationship with a subject extrapolated through drawing processes and techniques brings this subject closer; it makes it somehow tangible, capable of being experienced and touched.  

I use drawing to observe situations and generate an understanding throughdrawing’